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    Guangdong Huaneng Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd., located in China "lighting capital" "great man home" ---- Zhongshan. Is a professional engaged in energy saving and environmental protection LED outdoor lighting engineering lighting field, set product development, design, manufacturing, marketing in an integrated enterprise. To provide customers with complete sets of outdoor engineering solutions, praised by customers. Companies to create industry-renowned professional lighting as the goal, has always insisted the business philosophy is: scientific and technological innovation, integrity-based.
    LED lights, LED lights, LED lights , LED underground lights, LED underwater lights, LED landscape lights, LED bridge lights, KTV night lights, etc. for a variety of commercial and outdoor lighting engineering products.
The courage to play is to promote the virtues of Huaneng: strict punctuality, do not shirk responsibility for each of the basic requirements of Huaneng people, encounter problems to be responsible, good at solving problems, professional, professional, dedicated as a measure of merits And demerits
Integrity is the prerequisite for the success of the cause: both ability and political integrity is the main criterion for the use of Huaneng managers, every employee being strictly following the Huaneng professional ethics. We everyone to express their views, oppose the development of the Party, behind the discussion.


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